Name: Freestyle Fox Royal Fellow

Date of birth: 9.3. 2017

Exams: NHAT (herding), OB-Z, OB1 (obedience), MD1, MD2, HtM1, HtM2, F1, F2, DwD1, DwD2, DwD3 (dogdance)

Health results: DKK 0/0,  DLK 0/0, OCD free, DNA CEA carrier,  MDR1, NCL, TNS normal, cataracta, glaucoma+other eye diseases free

Achievements: Czech border collie champion in quadruped women 2019

Border collie of the year 2019 in mushing (canicross)

Best versatile border collie of the year 2019

Master of dogdancing DwD 2020

Foxy will represent the Czech republic at World Dogdance Championship in France 2020!!!


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